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Lorex IP and CCTV camera surveillance system installation and service!

At Phoneall we work with Lorex IP and CCTV Cameras Systems. However we are able to service just about any system at reasonable cost. Weather you are looking for a new camera system or need some help with your old one we are here to help! 25 years of buissness in sunny San Diego we are family owned and here when you need us. The best way to start is to call or email us and recieve a free onsite evaluation and quote!

Or call us! 619-294-7220
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We install, troubleshoot, repair, and test all Lorex Camera Systems. IP and CCTV Surveillance syetems. Our scope of services includes but is not limited to the following: Installation, expansion or downsizing, maintenance, service, repair, troubleshooting, network cabling, rewiring of cameras, new or existing service.

Our highly-rated indoor and outdoor IP cameras make it possible to view your property remotely, from anywhere in the world. Use our free mobile apps or the easy to use IP camera software (included with some models) to begin viewing your feed live within minutes.

We offer a variety of IP cameras at Lorex. Home IP security cameras are designed to be wirelessly paired with your smartphone or tablet. Features include advanced motion-detection technology and two-way audio capabilities. They are extremely easy to use and can be moved around your house effortlessly. Wired HD IP cameras will deliver unbelievably detailed 1080p security footage with smooth on-screen movement day and night. Some models even feature our revolutionary color night vision technology. They are also vandal-resistant and weatherproof to ensure safe outdoor installation.


Free services we offer:

  • Verbal consultation
  • Walk-through of your new or existing business location
  • Itemized price quote