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Phone System Installation

What Can I Expect on Install Day?

At Phoneall we pride ourselves in a non intrusive phone system Installation. We keep your original phone system live while installing the new Allworx system. On install day you may have 2 phones on your desk for a few hours but that is about the only inconvenience of the install. We seamlessly switch over during lunch to ensure there is no downtime. With a quick 15 minute training session you become an expert on the user friendly Allworx phone system. 


Family Owned

We have been Family owned and serving San diego for over 25 years. Paul Harner or his son Josh will make sure you feel right at home with you new Phone system. Call Or email us today for a free evaluation!

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Personalized programming to fit YOUR company

We install, troubleshoot, repair, and test all business phone/voice & network/data lines. If you have old cabling we can convert it for you with no intrusion! We rack mount the allworx server and add a POE switch to power the phones. Phone system installation takes no less than a day and there is no downtime! Our highly trained and certified technicians will program your phone with any exts and speed dials you want. Picture contacts and personalized names are something we pride ourselves on at phoneall you are not just another number! Contact us for a free demo of the new Verge phones with Bluetooth and color LCD display.


The Price is Right!

  • Voip is more reliable and cost effective than ever before
  • Old analog lines will be replaced by more efficient VOIP lines saving you money and giving you more features
  • Phone system install is easy and non intrusive
  • If you are paying more than a few hundred on phone bills we can replace your system with no upfront cost and actually lower your monthly bill! 
  • We convert cabling into IP easily
  • Assist line providers during cut-overs
  • Re-structure haphazard network closets/rooms (messy cabling)

Some of the phone system related services we provide are:

  • Install, move or service phone systems
  • Add phones or phone equipment
  • Program changes and troubleshoot issues
  • Add, move or change extensions
  • Offer verbal assistance on systems we are familiar with

Free services we offer:

  • Verbal consultation
  • Walk-through of your new or existing business location
  • Itemized price quote

Free services we offer:

  • Verbal consultation
  • Walk-through of your new or existing business location
  • Itemized price quote

Customers we service...