What is it with VoIP that is attracting business people? Is it the catchy name or the technology with the so called cost savings and flexibility behind it? Let us get into a small analysis here.

VoIP systems use the Internet connection to make calls and receive calls while the analog phones depend on the standard telephone lines. Internet plans, service availability, total price and availability will purely depend on your area that your office is located at.

While using the Analog systems, the user pays for a fixed line and the charges vary with the call distance. VoIP options are wide with quality depending on the internet line that you have. Analysing the cost, with a good internet connection VoIP phone gives exceptional cost savings compared to the traditional landlines. Companies can get the benefits of VoIP with its unlimited minutes with flat-rate billing. If there is a good broadband connection, computers can be used to access the VoIP network.

Additional options like faxing, 3-way calling, Caller ID and voicemail can be obtained while using VoIP. These features come by default with the VoIP connection and there will not be any hidden cost involved. Be it a small scale or large scale business, VoIP options are available with required features for smooth operation of the business. New technology gets evolved with time and we have to upgrade with it to sustain in the market.

VoIP with Analog

With the existing analog lines business users can combine the VoIP usage too. There are phone companies like ours who give users the option to install VoIP along with the existing analog phone systems. Along with the low cost, VoIP connection also provides more services, technology and more flexibility.

Limitations of VoIP

VoIP would be limited with the speed of the Internet connection that you have. Because the internet speed is the main factor behind the quality of VoIP calls. There would be some time when VoIP calls would not be as clear as analog phones. Coming to the handset choices, the optoins available for VoIP calls is not as much as that available for the analog phones.

To analyse which network will be cost effective to your business, give us a chance, we will get it done. Phoneall engineers and supplies VoIP technologies that can make your business stronger by making your communications systems stronger. The results will be people more productive, processes more efficient, and customers more loyal.

Contact us today for your free analysis and quote. We work at providing solutions that saves your money!

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